New Album Now Released

The Second Album Is here the follow up album "Tit For Tat", to be released jointly by Do The Dog Music in the UK, Rocking Records in Europe, Megalith Records in the USA & Care Factor Records in Australia!

The Video IS HERE!!

Hot off the press the video for Black Book filmed in glorious High Defis now finished and live on the internet: on our little telly, on youtube and on our myspace page.

The Olive Branch make video for "Kite"

Ska Band The Olive Branch have very kindly created a video to accompany "Kite" from our first album "Whatever Happened To The Likely Lad". The video can be viewed on youtube or directly from our video player on this page. Many thanks go out to The Olive Branch from Cartoon Violence and we hope you enjoy the video as much as we do.

New record review of "Whatever..":

They have a sound that is inspired by British pop and 2-Tone ska. The keyboard is front and center in the mix, but their sound as a whole is heavier than you might expect. The songs also feature great, and genuine sounding, lyrics... read more...

Our New and Long Awaited Website is Here

Yes that is right, if you are reading this then you are looking at OUR newly launched website. A huge thank you goes out to Steve from combination 13 design and layout, to Javier Ruiz Arregui for the character illustrations and to Dave Wise for coding.

It is basially a one page site but is full of links and features to make your visit exciting and worthwhile; music, vidoes, photos, shop, bio, news, gig calender, reviews, face book profiles, twitter, itunes and myspace are all just a click away... cool huh?

New Myspace makeover

To compliment our new web site the formidable Steve from combination 13 has redesinged our myspace page to reflect or echo the feel of our website, again thanks to Javier Ruiz Arregui for his excellent work on our cartoon images!